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Budget, Staffing and Financial Information

Budget Staffing & Financial Information

UCR Budget and Financial Snapshot

UCR Budget Information

Permanent Budget Reports

The Permanent Budget is the reoccurring annual allocation of funds and/or fiscal plan that renews each year as of July 1.

Function Summary

These reports provide July 1 Permanent Budget data by functional area.  Function classifies budgetary and expenditure transactions by general program categories such as; instruction, research, and institutional support, etc.

Budget Category Summary

These reports provide July 1 Permanent Budget data by budget category. Budget Category represents the budget level for a grouping of expense accounts.  For example, the budget category Supplies & Expense includes funding for supplies, travel, communication, depreciation expense, etc.

Income Resources summary

These reports provide July 1 Permanent Budget data by fund group. Income sources represent broad categories (fund groups) of revenues available to fund Campus Operations.

Organizational Summary

These reports provide July 1 Permanent Budget data by Campus Organization.

Prior Year Summaries

Campus Budget News

UCR Staffing Information

Staffing Reports

These reports provide July 1 Permanent Budget data and FTE (Full Time Equivalent), data from the Payroll & Personnel System (PPS), and the Open Provision file from UCRFS (UCR Financial System).

Five-Year History Faculty FTE Summary
This report contains summary data I&R, OR, and the Health Sciences Faculty FTE by Organization as of the census dates of October 31 for each fiscal year
Current Year Faculty FTE Census Data
This report contains I&R, OR, and Health Sciences Faculty FTE summary data by Department.
Academic /Staff FTE Summary by Organization
Staff FTE by Functional Summary

UCR Financial Information

Organizational Information Sheets

The Organizational Informational Sheets are a management tool that gives a snapshot view of each Organization over a three-year period. The reported information is concise and common across a majority of the Organizations and contains data such as expenditures, carry-forward balances, FTE, and statistical data.

The Organizational Information Sheets are developed after all annual reporting is complete for the applicable fiscal year and are generally available in February.

Overview of Fund Uses

Annual Contract and Grant Expenditure Reports

Organizational Expenditures by Fund Group

Departmental Expenditures by Fund Group

UCR Financial Schedules

Financial Schedules are available at the following location:

The following schedules are provided:

  • Schedule A - Current Fund Receipts
  • Schedule B - Current Fund Expenditures by Uniform Classification Category
  • Schedule C - Current Fund Expenditures by Department
  • Schedule D - Current Fund Expenditures by Fund Source

UC Budget Information

The UC Accountability Report can be found at the following location:

UC Operating Budget information is available at the following location:

UC Operating Budget Publications are available at the following location:

Additional UC Budget News is available at the following location:

UC Financial Information

The links below are intended to provide easy access to a variety of financial information about the University of California system.  In some cases, the information is provided for each campus, in others, only consolidated information is available.

Training Information and Instructions

Note: For BEA training information you will be redirected to the Learning Management System (LMS) which is managed by Computing and Communications.

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