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Resource Planning and Budget

Auxiliary Enterprises

Financial Performance and Rate Monitoring

Auxiliary Enterprises are self-supporting non-academic business activities where services or goods are provided to students, faculty, and staff. In accordance with the University of California Business and Finance Bulletin BUS 72 (Establishment and Review of Auxiliary Enterprises), the Chancellor is responsible for the financial review of campus auxiliary and self-supporting enterprises.

Currently participating Auxiliaries are:

  1. Housing Services (Residents Halls and Apartment Complexes)
  2. Dining Services (Residential and Retail)
  3. Transportation & Parking Services (TAPS)
  4. Campus Store
  5. Child Development Center (CDC)
  6. Highlander Union Building (HUB)
  7. Student Recreation Center
  8. Faculty Housing
  9. University Extension Center (UNEX)

The annual review of the auxillary business uses the following:

Call Letters

Approval Letters

ABR Template

The pertinent UCR policies are:

The pertinent UCOP policies are:

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