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Resource Planning and Budget

Self-Supporting Graduate Degree Programs

Financial Performance and Rate Monitoring

Self-supporting programs as defined here are usually graduate programs (although can include undergraduate programs) that serve a public need by addressing the training requirements of a profession (or degree). These programs operate on self-supporting basis, meaning that they are required to cover the full-cost of the program (includes program faculty & other direct costs, campus direct and indirect costs, and UCOP funding assessments) once outside the predetermined phase-in period has ended (usually 3 years).

Currently participating programs are:

  1. Masters of Fine Arts
  2. Executive Masters of Business Administration
  3. Masters of Accountancy
  4. Masters of Science in Engineering
  5. Masters of Finance
  6. Flex MBA

The annual review of the self-supporting programs uses the following:

Fee Request Letters

Fee Approval Letters

The pertinent UCR policies are:

The pertinent UCOP policies are:

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