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Sales and Service Activities are non-profit, campus business enterprises, whose functions are to provide quality services and goods at rates that are reasonable and equitable. These enterprises often have a measurable impact on the campus through their pricing and quality decisions, their charging practices, and their billing methods and cycles.

All requests to establish a new Sales and Service Activity or for Major Re-Budgeting/Rate Restructuring change, must be forwarded through the appropriate Dean or Vice Chancellor (VC) to Resource Planning & Budget for review and approval. See the application below for such request.

Sales & Service eForm Request

UCR's Electronic Form (eForm) Request Program 

The Committee on Sales and Service Activities (COSSA)

Activities that typically serve the entire campus, and are major providers of the applicable service to the campus, whether mandatory (e.g., Telecommunications) or by user preference (e.g., Physical Plant), and have annual income in excess of $250,000 are subject to annual budgetary reviews by COSSA. The determination of the Sales & Service Activities requiring COSSA review will be made by Resource Planning & Budget on an annual basis.

Sales & Service activities that are required to be reviewed by COSSA annually are:

  1. Office of Design & Construction
  2. Fleet Services
  3. Mail Services
  4. Physical Plant
  5. Printing & Reprographics
  6. Storehouse
  7. Student Business Services
  8. Business and Administrative Services – Information Technology
  9. Academic Computing
  10. Administrative Computing
  11. Administrative Services – Computing & Communications
  12. Center for Visual Computing
  13. Firewall and Security Services
  14. Media Resources
  15. Microcomputer Support Group
  16. Communications – Computing & Communications
  17. Campus Vivaria
  18. International Scholars Center
  19. Refuse Disposal
  20. Facilities, Transportation, & Safety Service Center

COSSA membership and review of sales & service activities uses the following:

Call Letters

Approval Letters

COSSA Membership for FY 2013

Name Role Title Department Term
Matthew Hull Chair Associate VC Resource Planning & Budget Ongoing
Bobbi McCracken Standing Associate VC Accounting Services Ongoing
Mike Jenson Standing Director Audit & Advisory Services Ongoing
David Berlin Faculty Professor Political Science 2013
Barry Mishra Faculty Professor School of Business Administration 2013
Pat Hartney Academic Staff Assistant Dean Bourns College of Engineering 2012 - 2013
Laurie Gustafson Academic Staff CFAO School of Business Administration 2013 - 2014
Danny Kim Admin Staff Associate VC Student Affairs Administration 2013 - 2014
Andy Plumley Admin Staff Assistant VC Housing Services Administration 2012 - 2013

Ex Officio

Name Role Title Department Term
Financial Lead & Committee Support Jerry Garcia Analyst Resource Planning & Budget Ongoing

The pertinent UCR policies are:

The pertinent UCOP policies are:

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